Gustatory Pleasure from Sweet Olives

Azaleas blossomed in March on CUHK campus, which was also embraced by the graduands’ laughter. On the Photo Day of S.H. Ho College, different participating departments prepared fabulous decorations to help the graduands’ build unforgettable memories. The spring wind brought the gentle scent of sweet olives, which are known for their divinely pleasant scent. In the era of the ancient Chinese imperial examination, sweet olives symbolized the honour of literati. As an evergreen shrub permeating its surroundings with mild natural fragrance, sweet olives are as meek as humble gentlemen. The College widely planted sweet olives, with a humble heart on encouraging its students to live an evergreen life, and to pursue simplicity in realizing ones’ life goals like the humble ancient scholars did.

S.H. Ho College organized its Photo Day for the graduands on 18 March. Dressed in gowns representing their respective faculties, the College’s fourth cohort of graduands carried bouquets, balloons and graduation toys on the Photo Day to celebrate the significant moment. Master Sun delivered his speech in the ceremony. While extending his warm congratulations to the graduands on completion of their undergraduate education, he also expressed his reluctance to see them leaving the College. He hoped that students enjoyed their College life and had built a profound bonding with their family members. He said, ‘I hope that you will be proud of the unique collegiate system in CUHK. You are still our amily members after graduation. Remember to stay connected. You’re welcome to be home for high table dinner.’  

Natalie Yuen, a Year 4 English major, is the representative of the graduands. She reminisced her fond memories enjoying the College’s fully residential and communal dining life, which was filled with everydayness with Master Sun, Dean of Students, Wardens, Resident Tutors and College friends. ‘I can’t forget the days organizing events with committee members of the Student Union. I also can’t forget the moments exploring the tensions between the ideal and the real with my friends. As long as I live with my family members here, whatever we eat is delicious!’

The graduands will come home again in November to attend the CUHK Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees. The College will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary by that time. The sweet olives on the College Lawn will continue to permeate its surroundings with its mild fragrance, waiting for the familiar faces to be back to take photos in front of the ‘home’ sculpture and reminisce the good old days at S.H. Ho College.