GESH1010 明新達人-善衡書院啟導課程


書通1010旨在明新,引導書院新生了解大學環境,積極投入學習及書院生活。課程結合體驗與課堂學習,藉相連配合的團隊活動、工作坊及習作,鼓勵學生發展學習社群,同時觀照自身,省思明志。課程設計的重要衡量有二:(一) 團隊與個人的協調;(二) 內省與交流的平衡。

內容與基本概念 (部分內容只提供英文版)



Components Fundamental Concepts
Commencement Congregation
The Commencement Congregation is a half-day event during the Orientation Camp which introduces freshers to the mission and vision of GESH1010. In addition to participating in activities, freshers will be introduced to their class instructors and their teaching assistants who are graduates of the GESH1010 programme.
The Adventure component drafts freshers into learning games and teambuilding tasks. Students may expect much fun as they develop team skills, rapport, self-discipline and resilience. The highlight event is an outdoor challenge over a weekend in the form of a CGE Camp (奮志營). This is an overnight wild camp which calls for teamwork and resilience, as well as contemplation and reflection. A solitary time is provisioned for students to capture and organize their thoughts in writing, for their own reflection as well as preparation for sharing, in the Course Journal (明新誌).


The Reflection component drafts students into small group discussions that draw upon the immediate Adventure experience, their school experience, and their aspiration for university life. Students are also encouraged to make self-reflections in relation to the freshers’ agenda (Our University & College, My University Life, My Social Life and My Dream) on their own and write down in-depth reflections on their Course Journal (明新誌). Finally students are required to develop their University Life Plan through the reflections in different topics in class.
The focus of the final Expression component is Final Production. The purpose of the Final Production is for students to consolidate their experience in the Adventure and Reflection components. Students are encouraged to explore different forms and styles, such as writing of different genres, drama, short film, or performance, to express their in-depth reflection in relation to the freshers’ agenda and the course experience in general. Also, every student group shall consult their class instructors for advice and support on their chosen production. The Final Production marks the grand finale of this course at term end. Besides being examined for the course assessment, all Final Productions will be considered for entry in the annual Freshers’ Fest (善衡書院。明新達人展).