Student Representatives of College Committees

Assembly of Fellows 
Chan Hey Man (Chairperson of Student Union Executive Council)
Kwong Ka Lun (Chairperson of Student Union Representative Council)

Committee on Student Affairs and College Life
Tang Rong

Student Hostel Management Committee 
Lau Yuen Yee (Ho Tim Hall)
Chow Tin Nok (Lee Quo Wei Hall)
Chan Hey Man (Student Union)

Catering, High Table and Cultural Dining Sub-Committee
Regina Tse

Catering Management Committee 
Kwong Yan Yin

Student Life Sub-Committee 
Yeung Kit Sze

English Programme Sub-Committee
Yu Xiao
Zhang Tian Yu

Student Discipline Committee
Chan Hey Man 
Leung Yee Yuan

Committee on Scholarships, Awards, Financial Aids and Grants
Wong Choi Ming