Student Activity Fund

The Student Activity Funding Schemes Sub-Committee is responsible for managing the Student Activity Fund (SAF). SHHO Students are encouraged to organize activities either as an individual or a group, in the following areas:

1. Community Services
2. Environmental Care
3. Healthy Living
4. Sports and Recreation
5. Cultural and Arts


Examples of Subsidized Activities:

Hurricane Exploring Theatre

Forever Legend: Runner Runner

Funding Level

– The maximum amount that can be requested for each proposal is HK$5,000 per year
– Activity with creative and initiative ideas could be granted with an additional HK$1,000 funding support, which is  subject to the assessment by the Student  Activity Funding Scheme Sub-committee


Application Period

For all year-round applications


Application Method

Applicants must submit the the application form, a detailed activity proposal with a budget plan to the Committee for their assessment at least 30 days before the starting date of the proposed activity.



Mr. Emery Chan: 3943 1442

– For detailed information, please click here to download “The Notes to Applicants”.
– For application, please click here to download application form.