S.H. Ho College runs its own student counselling services, including individual meetings and, if necessary, family meetings, apart from the counselling services provided by the University. One of the crucial areas of counselling is to explore possible alternatives in life and re-position students’ life preferences, so that they may feel better to jump over the life hurdles. Ups and downs are normal and inevitable in life. One does NOT need to be “problematic” to talk to a counselor.  The leading principles of the counselling services at S.H. Ho College are highlighted in the following:

1) The counselor does NOT, in many circumstances, provide any direct nor “professional” advice on life. You are always the expert of your life and the problems you have encountered.

2) The counselor does NOT pathologize clients. The person is the person. The problem is the problem. They are not the same.              

3) The counselor does NOT center the conversation. You are always the focus of the conversation. The counselor prefers listening than teaching, curiosity than assumption, multi-storied than single-storied.

The College regularly offers various types of workshops, walking side-by-side with students to step on the journey of self-exploration, so that students are able to construct their preferred personal values, to better enjoy a wonderful university life. The College also collaborates with different parties and NGOs to provide the students with multi-angles to look into the issues of mental well-being. It is hoped that the students can not only be more sensitive to their emotional well-being, but also be equipped the sense to un-label the mask of mental health issues. Moreover, the College assists the students to have better understanding of themselves, as well as their interpersonal preferences, for mutual respect, through the popular assessment tool of Personality Dimension®.  The College also runs mindful yoga classes for students who have already led busy lives to enjoy relax some quiet time and achieve a sense of balance.


Welcome U Party is organised every year. Freshmen can share the challenges they have faced after turning a new chapter at University. The event also gives a chance for them to be familiar with College staff and resident tutors.
Mindful Yoga Class is held every week during term time. Participants can acquire skills to relieve the stress of the daily grind.
Tress of Life is a workshop in which students learn how to readjust their life and appreciate their unique values.
Guests who have suffered from emotional disturbance speak at The Human Library to share their life stories.
Students fly kites and have a picnic on the lawn in Kite of Life.
Tea Gatherings with non-local students provide a platform for exchange of cultural values of different places.
The Workshop on Personality Dimension® enables students to understand themselves and the people around.