Matriculation marks the formal admission of a student to membership of the College. Matriculation for the S. H. Ho College takes place on the first Orientation Day of each academic year. Matriculation is overseen by the College Master, the Dean of Students and the Chairman of the Admission Committee.

All local, Mainland and international freshers are required to attend Matriculation. Wearing their gowns given by the College, students enter the matriculation hall, are greeted by the Master, make a declaration and sign the Matricula. After that, students will be invited to take a photo with the Master.

Matriculation is a profound, personal and memorable occasion at which a student makes a declaration to the Master of the S. H. Ho College. The Matriculands’ Declaration is as follows:

“I understand that in becoming a member of the S. H. Ho College, I accept the responsibilities of membership of the College community. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the College and to do nothing that is harmful to the work or reputation of the College. I promise to pursue my studies, participate in student activities and support the College mission. By signing the matricula I confirm that my particulars are correct.”