Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a valid language result?

As most of language tests’ validity is 2 years. If you wish to apply for 2018/19 exchange programmes, the IELTS or TOFEL exam should be taken after 1 Sept 2016.

2.Can I still apply if I do not have IELTS/TOFEL result yet? If yes, when is the deadline for providing IELTS/TOFEL result?

You are strongly encouraged to take the test with the result ready by early January 2018 to facilitate the selection and assessment process. You may submit your application first and then provide your English proficiency test results later. In case you could not provide the result but were selected to the programme, you will be given a “conditional offer” which indicates the minimum requirement and deadline of submission in order to validate that offer. However, some programmes require a valid result by the time of application, please take a look at the requirement table for details.

3.I am a Year 1 student and I do not have GPA result yet, can I still apply?

You may provide your Term 1 GPA result in early January once it is announced.

4.I am a final year student, can I still apply?

Yes, but you need to get consent from your department. Please find the enclosed form for your completion.

5.My current GPA result does not meet with the requirement, will I still be considered?

The GPA requirement is cumulative GPA. You may submit the updated result after Term 1, if the updated cumulative GPA meets with the requirement, you will still be considered.

6.What are the selection criteria of exchange programmes?

There are three major areas on the selection.
1. Cumulative GPA result
2. Interview
3. College participations and contributions

7.Will there be interviews? When will it be held?

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Usually it is held in January.

8.When will the result be announced?

The result is usually announced in late January / early February. Successful applicants would need to reply by a reply deadline on whether accept or decline the offer.  A 2nd round will be arranged if some offers were not taken by candidates.