Dear S.H.,

We received letters from S.H. HO students that are exchanged to different countries of the world expressing their gratitude, happiness and greetings far away from “HOME”. See what they want to share with those who want to join the exchange programme as they did!

SHHO Runner Force
Visited Gold Coast, Queensland

Participants of Journey to Peace to Okinawa

KUA, Wei Zhia
Exchanged to Brown University

SHHO Runner Force
Visited Jerusalem

Karl Liu
Visited San Francisco & California

Monica Tang, Judy Chen & Ingrid Li
City Visited: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Monica Tang
City Visited: Beijing, China

Monica Tang
Country Visited: Malaysia

Participants of Israel Today and Yesterday - Cultural Exchanges

Miss Li Shanshan (SHHO Member)

From left to right: Two SHHO graduates Mr. Lu Guoan and Ms. Lu Qin and SHHO Member Ms. Li Shanshan. The photo was taken in the Himalayas.

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Minnie Yip
Place Visited: Lesotho, South Africa

Erio Lam (SHHO Alumna)
Area Visited: Northern Europe

Bobo Chan
Exchanged to Brown University

Judy Chen
Place Visited: Okinawa, Japan

Greeting from Hawaii's friends

Monica Tang
Place Visited: Kagoshima, Japan

Annie Sheng
Place Visited: Budapest, Hungary

Prof. Samuel Sun
Place Visited: USA

Monica Tang
Place Visited: Toronto

Ferdinand Tsang
Place Visited: Namibia