Career Development

Internship and Workplace Experiential Learning Opportunities

S.H. Ho College offers plenty of internship and workplace experiential learning opportunities for students to equip themselves with practical working experience in the real world, preparing them to be competent professionals to cope with regional and globalized challenges. Successful students will attach to different organizations between June and August.

Aims of Internship

  • To equip students with the essential skills and knowledge for future careers
  • To foster students’ understanding of the careers they are interested in
  • To provide students with hands-on work experiences in real-world environments 


A continuous period of 4-8 weeks during June-August (up to the requirement of recruiters)


Full-time S.H. Ho College undergraduates, non-local College undergraduates should have working permits  

S.H. Ho College Summer Internship Programme

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Financial Institution Heng Seng Bank Nil
Education SHHO College Hostel
Media, Publishing and Culture The Chinese University Press


-Bastille Post






Life Style and Other Business

-King Fook Holdings Ltd

-Jacobson Pharma Group

-Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT)

-Pacific BMW

-King Fook Holdings Ltd

-Maxim’s Group

Pacific BMW Nil

-Sony Music

-Pacific BMW

Social Service Organization The Hong Kong Council of Social Service Nil Nil Nil Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service
Medical  Institution Nil Dennis Lam & Partners Eye Center

-HK Sanatorium & Hospital

-St. Teresa’s Hospital

-The HK Ophthalmic Associate


  -HK Baptist Hospital 


    -KS Lawrence Wong Clinic  

Important Notes

Before taking up any internship, part-time on-campus employment or summer job, non-local students must obtain prior permission from the Director of Immigration, HKSAR. Details can be accessed at: . Non-local S.H. Ho College undergraduates may also refer to the ‘Remarks for Non-local Students‘ and ‘Student Helper Engagement Scheme‘ written by Office of Student Affairs, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Please stay tuned for updated news regarding summer internship placements via mass emails and website update. Students also may visit the website of Career Planning and Development Centre, CUHK ( to learn the latest news related to summer internship and career development. For further enquiries, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office at