Bursaries & Loans


Amount HK$
Student Bursaries     
S.H. Ho College Hostel Residence and Dining Bursaries $2,581 – $5,162
(as of 2023/24)
S.H. Ho College Emergency Bursary Up to $20,000
Student Loans     
S.H. Ho College The S.H. Ho Foundation Interest Free Loans Up to $12,000
S.H. Ho College Interest Free Exchange Student Loans Up to HK$10,000
S.H. Ho College Interest Free Travel Loans for Cultural Visits Up to HK$5,000
Student Work Fund     
S.H. Ho College Student Work Fund $64/hr

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*All Scholarships / financial aids items are open for application by S.H. Ho College students only. Quota and amount are subjected to change.