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Residence and Dining Fees

Residence and Dining Fees 2022-23

Hostel Fee

Hostel Fee HK$6,925.5 per term
Hostel Deposit HK$1,000 (refundable)
Laundry Charges Optional (user pay principle)
Air-conditioning Charges Optional (user pay principle)

The College offers standard twin rooms only. Each resident shall pay a sum of HK$1,000 as hostel deposit which will be retained by the College. It will be refunded to the student after deduction of any amount of outstanding charges, fines and fees, free of interest, after their graduation or withdrawal from the University to be approved by the Registry of CUHK.


Refund Policy of Hostel Deposit

All College students are required to reside in one of the two hostels during their undergraduate studies:

(a) All students of the College are required to pay a refundable hostel deposit. The amount and payment due date will be announced by Student Hostel Management Committee. The hostel deposit will be refunded to students free of interest after their graduation or withdrawal from the University approved by the Registry of CUHK

(b) Students shall maintain their rooms and hostel facilities in good condition. All students must vacate their rooms at the end of their residency on or before the date to be decided and specified by Student Hostel Management Committee. Before checking out, students are responsible for cleaning their rooms as well as returning to the College their keys and other hostel property. Damages for damaged and lost hostel property, if any, may be deducted from the hostel deposit. The balance of the hostel deposit will be refunded to students free of interest after they graduate or withdraw from studies at CUHK as approved by the Registry.


Dining Arrangements

Communal dinners will be held from Tuesdays to Thursdays at Ho Sin Hang Hall in Term 1, 2022-23. Each communal dinner will accommodate a maximum of 150 students. Students are welcome to register on RAS to sign up for attendance, 8 meals at most. The total dining fee in Term 1, 2022-23 is HKD320. Dining is under a no-refund policy.

High Table Dinners will be held at Ho Sin Hang Hall in September, October and November (once a month) in term 1, accommodating a maximum of 240 students each time. Students will receive College’s email 1-2 weeks prior to High Table Dinners regarding registration and other important notes. The list of participants will be decided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each student can join a maximum of one High Table Dinner in person per term.

College Symposiums (GESH 1000) will take place during High Table Dinners at Ho Sin Hang Hall and in the form of live broadcast via Zoom Webinar. In each term, students are required to attend 80% (2 out of 3) of College Symposiums, either in person at Ho Sin Hang Hall, or via Zoom Webinar (Online). The attendance result of College Symposiums will be shown on academic transcripts.