Dining at SHHO

To create a congenial learning atmosphere, the College requires that all its undergraduates dine with the Master and other members of the College on three evenings each week. The College offers three types of dinner, they are Communal Dining, Cultural Dining and High Table Dinner.

* Vegetarian Table is arranged for students who have registered as a vegetarian at the College.

Communal Dining

Feature: Communal Dining encourages communications among students and members.

Theme: Harmony – Building relationship in the College

Weekdays: Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays (every week)

Duration: 45 minutes

No. of dinners: Around 30 sessions per term

Cultural Dining

Feature: Cultural Dining engages students into dialogues on the themes of culture, art, music, language, healthy living, environmental care and social integration, etc.

Theme: Openness and Maturity – Exposure to society

Weekdays: Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays

Duration: 90 minutes

No. of dinners: 2-3 sessions per term

High Table Dinners

Feature: High Table Dinner is a formal dinner that enhances social awareness and global linkages through after-dinner talks delivered by leading figures from different sectors of the community.

Theme: Enrichment – Heightening global competitiveness

Weekdays: Wednesday (once per month)

Duration: 180 minutes

No. of dinners: Around 3 sessions per term