Dining at SHHO “HOME”

Full residence and communal dining make S.H. Ho College a home away from home for students where they can rely on and depend on. Communal dining provides a good opportunity for us to connect and dine with our College friends.

In this disconnected world, having ten people sitting at a table for dining is almost rare. But the vigorous atmosphere in communal dining allows us to experience the warmth and support from our “home”, and together we can treasure what we have encountered and owned. As soon as it is 7 p.m., our chopsticks chase scrumptious food on the table during communal dining. Vegetables, which are great for maintaining health, are emptied in just a few minutes.

The canteens in CUHK usually close before 7 p.m., which can be inconvenient for busy students who want to eat healthily. Communal dining provides us with a great opportunity to relax, dine with friends and forget about our worries for an hour. We can share our thoughts with each other and make new friends in the unique S.H. Ho style.

S.H. Ho College also arranges special events in communal dining. We watched the 2022 World Cup Live Stream together in the dining hall and enjoyed a Lion Dance performance in a Lunar New Year themed cultural dining event! To experience our heart-warming hospitality, buy dining tickets from your S.H. Ho friends!

We look forward to seeing you at S.H. Ho’s communal dining in the future!

Miss LAU Wing Yan
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Year 3

After three years, the complete form of S.H. Ho College’s high table dinner and communal dining has returned.

In Chinese culture, “food” is one of the most important forms of communication and the saying “food is heaven” is commonly used.

As the host and attendance recorder of communal dining, I often observe students gathering together with their friends from the same society or orientation group to share a meal.

Personally, I have met my two best friends in university at S. Ho College. Although we had different majors and rarely crossed paths, the existence of high table dinners and communal dining provided us with additional opportunities to communicate.

The atmosphere in communal dining is particularly relaxed and free. In addition to promoting College events and cultural exchange performances, we once even watched the World Cup live together.

Eating, discussing, and entertaining each other… S.H. Ho College’s high table dinner and communal dining have fulfilled the function of the College as a “home”.

Miss CHEN Yilei
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, Year 4