In Memory of Dr Ho Tzu-cho David

5 April 2024

Dr Ho Tzu-cho David, the Honorary Chairman of The S.H. Ho Foundation Limited, passed away on March 28, 2024. The College deeply mourns his loss and extends its heartfelt condolences to his family.

Dr David Ho obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yenching University in 1947, and later earned a Master’s degree in Economics from The Catholic University of America in Washington. Upon completing his studies, he joined Hang Seng Bank, founded by his father, Dr Ho Sin Hang. Under Dr David Ho’s leadership, the bank grew continuously and became one of the most prominent banks in Hong Kong.

Dr Ho and the Ho family have always been devoted to education, medical research and charity, and have been strong supporters of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, enabling the University to achieve significant accomplishments in various fields. The S.H. Ho Foundation Limited, formerly chaired by Dr David Ho, has played a major role in the unique collegiate system at CUHK. The Foundation not only donated funds for the construction of student hostels in three constituent colleges of the University and the non-residential halls of New Asia College, but also generously donated HK$170 million in 2006 to establish S.H. Ho College, which provides full residence and communal dining for six hundred students. Moreover, CUHK has received generous donations from the Foundation, including the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building, the Madam S.H. Ho Hostel for Medical Students and its extension at the Prince of Wales Hospital, and the establishment of the C.N. Yang Visiting Professorship Fund. In 2005, the Foundation supported the establishment of two advanced and comprehensive research centres, namely S.H. Ho Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Centre, and the S.H. Ho Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics. The Ho family also established the Ho Sin Hang Education Endowment Fund at CUHK, with Dr David Ho serving as a Trustee, to support research in various disciplines at the University.

Dr David Ho served as the Vice-Patron of the Community Chest, a former member of the School Management Committee of the Buddhist Sin Tak College, a member of the Former Directors Committee of the Community Chest and an Advisor to the 50th Anniversary Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University.

Dr David Ho’s philanthropic contributions to education, scientific research and healthcare have left a profound impact, and his dedication will always be remembered by the University and College community.

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