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Orientation and Check-in Arrangement for Local Students 2021 (English version only)

S.H. Ho College Hostel Visit and Roommate Matching Day

1 September 2021

– Your orientation camp facilitator (組爸媽) will arrange a visit at the college hostels for you.

– On the same day, you will be required to hand in your hostel preference form by indicating your preferred roommate and hostel.

– Your orientation camp facilitator (組爸媽) will contact you on 30 or 31 August for the meet up time and location.

– If you cannot attend the visit on 1 September, please send the hostel preference form (please click here to download) to shhosa@cuhk.edu.hk by 17:00 on 1 September.


S.H. Ho College Orientation Camp Arrangements:


3, 4 & 5 September 2021

Your orientation camp facilitator (組爸媽) will brief you the meet up time and location on 1 September.


Camp Fee:

HKD450 (will be charged to you via CUSIS after the camp)

The camp is compulsory to all freshmen. If you want to apply for absence from the camp, please contact Mr. Emery Chan (emerychan@cuhk.edu.hk) on or before 1 September 2021.


Matriculation Ceremony:

· A matriculation ceremony of the college will be hosted by College Master and Dean of Students on the morning of 4th September, which is a part of the orientation camp.

· You are required to follow the following rules while attending the ceremony:

1. Dress in formal attire

2. Bring your own pen (for signature on matriculation book)

3. Wear the college gown distributed to you during hostel check-in


Hostel Check-in Arrangements:

– You orientation camp facilitator (組爸媽) will arrange you to be Dean of Students’ Office to complete the pre-check-in procedures in the morning of 3 September.

– You may store your luggage in a designated store room after completing the pre-check-in procedures, and join the orientation activities.

– On 4 September or after, you will be allowed to move-in to your room for the new academic year. Please follow the instruction of your orientation camp facilitator (組爸媽)

– Here are the procedures of the pre-check-in on 3 September 2021:


Before Check-in: (Please complete on or before 1 September 2021)

– Upload Vaccination Certificate. If you have received 2 doses of vaccines, please upload the certificates to the following submission form:


– Please complete and submit the student registration form for S.H. Ho College



Check-in Procedures:

– Fully Vaccinated Residents: (received COVID-19 vaccines which are recognized by WHO/ Governments, and received 2nd doses 14 days before check-in)

1. Present CU-Link/ HKID

2. Get your room key and mailbox key

3. Present the original copy of your vaccination certificate

– Non-vaccinated residents:

1. Present CU-Link

2. A negative COVID-19 test result which was conduct 96 hours before check-in at community testing centres set up by the Government or recognized laboratories.

3. Pick up room key and mailbox key

4. Get a memo regarding the details for the regular COVID-19 test after check-in. (According to the pandemic control policy of the university, non-vaccinated residents will need to undergo a regular COVID-19 test at the college biweekly.)


– Resident Council Fee:

1. Please also prepare cash for Resident Council Fee in 2021-22.

2. Ho Tim Hall – HKD200

3. Lee Quo Wei Hall – HKD160

If you have not received any calls or messages from your group facilitator on or before 3rd September, please contact the Organising Committee of S.H.Ho Orientation Camp (2021shhoocamp@gmail.com).

If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Emery Chan (emerychan@cuhk.edu.hk) /3943 1442.