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S.H. Ho College Appoints Thirteen Honorary Fellows (10 October 2012)

At S.H. Ho College’s 6th Anniversary High Table Dinner-cum-Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony held on 26th September, honorary fellowships were conferred on thirteen distinguished persons including Prof. Yang Chen Ning, 1957 Nobel Laureate in Physics; Prof. Liu Mingkang, former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Business Administration of CUHK; and Prof. Jao Tsung-I, the world-renowned scholar of Chinese and fine arts.

The ceremony was officiated by Prof. Joseph J.Y Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK and Prof. Samuel Sun, Master of S.H. Ho College. Certificates were awarded to six Honorary Fellows that were present at the ceremony – Dr Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers, S.H. Ho College; Mr. Hamilton H. H. Ho, Trustee of Chan Chun Ha Charitable Trust; Prof. Serena S.H. Jin, Emeritus Professor of Translation, CUHK; Mr. Thomas C.B. Liang, Chief Executive of the Wei Lun Foundation; Prof. Liu Mingkang, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission and Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Business Administration of CUHK; and Mr. Howard P.L. Yeung, Chairman of King Fook Holdings Ltd.

In Prof. Sun’s address he declared the College has accommodated a full complement of 600 students. He said innovation was a spirit of SHHO that was under development, and offered collection of ways students can practice in their daily life to enhance their ability to imagine, to create and to innovate.

The College’s Honorary Fellowships have been established this year to recognize and honour those who have made valuable intellectual, social, cultural and other contributions to the community and S.H. Ho College. On the same occasion, Honorary Fellows and College Members took a group photo with 300 freshmen that have joined SHHO since this September.

Front row from left: Prof. Serena Jin, Prof. Samuel Sun, Prof. Joseph Sung, Dr Tzu-leung Ho and Mr. Hamilton Ho

Back row from left: Mr. Thomas Liang, Mr. Howard Leung and Prof. Liu Mingkang

Dr Tzu-leung Ho, Prof. Joseph Sung and Prof. Samuel Sun presented the Honorary Fellowship to Prof. Liu Mingkang

Group photo of 300 SHHO freshmen with Honorary Fellows and College Members

SHHO Invited World-Renowned Scholar Prof. Jao Tsung-I as Honorary Fellow (10 October 2012)

Prof. Samuel Sun Sai-ming, the Master of S.H. Ho College, presented the first Honorary Fellowship to Prof. Jao Tsung-I on 15 August, 2012. Prof. Jao wrote the Chinese character “home” in calligraphy for the College to express his support for SHHO’s concept of home.

An erudite scholar, Prof. Jao’s works in Chinese and Oriental Studies as well as arts and culture have gained him worldwide admiration. He contributes substantially to the field of humanities, including paleography, Dunhuang studies, archaeology, epigraphy, historiography, etymology, history of music, history of religion, Chuci, bibliography, and the study of local gazettes. He is a prolific writer and has published over 80 books and 500 papers, the most significant of which being《殷代貞卜人物通考》,《詞籍考》,《敦煌曲》,《中國史學上之正統論》,《中印文化關係史論集》,《老子想爾注校證》,《文轍》,《畫》,《梵學集》and 《新加坡古事紀》. He has published over 20 collections of poetry and lyrics, and held exhibitions in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Guangzhou and Beijing for his calligraphy and painting. At the age of 95, Prof. Jao Tsung-I is currently Wei Lun Honorary Professor of Fine Arts and Emeritus Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at CUHK.

Prof. Sun presenting the certificate of Honorary Fellowship to Prof. Jao

Jao’s calligraphy of the Chinese character “home” for SHHO

Mr. Andrew Lau (College Secretary of SHHO), Prof. Cheng Hwei Shing (Senior Researcher and Assistant to Prof. Jao), Ms. Tang Yiu Ching Fun (younger daughter of Prof. Jao and Director of Jao Tsung-I Foundation), Ms. Yiu Ching Yee (elder daughter of Prof. Jao) and Prof. Ge Wei (Fellow of SHHO) participated in the presentation. (Back row from left)