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Dean of General Education

Dr. Lawrence CHIU Chi-ming

Dean of General Education

Dr. Andrew YUEN Chi-lok

Associate Dean of General Education

“The College General Education (CGE) aims to foster our students’ mental well-being and guide them along their way to independence both as an individual and a member of the society. To achieve this goal, our CGE curriculum basically comprises two core courses. GESH1010 Orientation and Outreach is a cornerstone course that assists our freshmen to develop a positive attitude towards college and university life; and GESH4010 Work and Productive Life, on the other hand, is the capstone course that stimulates our senior-year students to think about and appreciate various aspects of life experiences, and hopefully to lead a meaningful life. Besides these two academic courses, CGE also includes a number of activities to facilitate students’ experiential learning. It is expected that through the above courses and activities, the College students could develop at an early stage the skills to cope with challenges. When students have good psychological health, they would certainly be able to nurture a robust mindset that is both flexible and resilient, which prepares them for the challenging real world as they graduate.”

—— Dr. Lawrence CHIU Chi-ming