Committee of Overseers


Dr. Tzu-leung HO


Mr. David Lai HO
Mr. Hamilton H.H. HO
Mr. Norman H.C. HO
Mr. Thomas L.W. HO
Mr. Brian M.B. LI
Dr. The Honourable David K.P. LI
Mr. Thomas C.B. LIANG
Mr. Roger K.H. LUK
Mr. Richard Y.S. TANG
Prof. WONG Wing Shing
Mr. Howard P.L. YEUNG

ex officio Member

Prof. Vincent MOK (Master of College)


Mr. Andrew LAU

Terms of Reference

  1. To guide, support and formulate College policies for the strategic development of S.H. Ho College in accordance with the mission and vision of the College, and policies and guidelines that the Council of the University may approve from time to time.
  2. To facilitate and enhance the College’s efforts in
    1. building a good and positive image of the College both locally and abroad;
    2. raising funds and other resources for the benefit of the College;
    3. developing a conducive environment for the pursuit of the College’s goals and ideals;
    4. fostering a strong and an enduring community network of patrons, benefactors, alumni and friends.
  3. To advise the Master and the Fellows on the healthy and smooth operation and development of the College.
  4. To review and endorse the budget of the College and oversee the operation and use of the endowment fund.
  5. To endorse any proposed amendment(s) of the Constitution of the College, for the approval of the Council.
  6. To undertake such other duties as may be referred to it by the Council or the Vice-Chancellor.