Assembly of Fellows


Prof. Vincent C.T. MOK



Prof. Michael CHAN Che-ming

School of Journalism and Communication

Prof. Francis CHAN Ka-leung

Dean of Medicine
Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics

Prof. Kalok CHAN

Wei Lun Professor of Finance
Department of Finance

Prof. HENG Pheng-ann

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. KWAN Kin-ming

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Science
School of Life Sciences

Prof. Dinky LAU Kit-ling

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Prof. LEE Tan

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electronic Engineering

Prof. Dennis LO Yuk-ming

Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Medicine
Professor of Chemical Pathology

Prof. Simon NG Siu-man

Associate Dean (Student Affairs) of Faculty of Medicine
Department of Surgery

Prof. WONG Kam-bo

School of Life Sciences


Mr. Andrew LAU

Student Representatives

Ms. KWOK Hoi-ching
Mr. YIU Hing-suen

Terms of Reference

a) To appoint/elect additional Fellows for the College after consultation with the Master/Master-Designate of the College.

b) To participate in the selection of students for admission to the College.

c) To arrange the tutorial instruction, pastoral counseling, other student-orientated teaching, student exchanges with other universities, and visits with scholars within and outside the College.

d) To maintain discipline and good order within the College.

e) To organize and participate in activities of the College, and interact with Fellows, particularly with students of the College.

f) To allocate and supervise residential accommodation for the students of the College.

g) To oversee the management of the facilities and amenities of the College.

h) To liaise with the alumni and friends of the College.

i) To undertake any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Master/Master-Designate, and through him/her, by the Committee of Overseers or the Vice-Chancellor.