When Rhododendrons Blossomed

The rhododendron blossom on the University campus reminds us of Graduation Photo Day, and the memorable moments shared by S.H. Ho graduands were on 28 March 2014. Dressed in gowns representing their respective faculties, the College’s second cohort of graduands carried bouquets, balloons and graduation toys on the Photo Day to celebrate the significant moment. Roast suckling pig, colour crackers, champagne and balloon arches prepared by departments filled the College with pleasant atmosphere.

During the ceremony, Master Samuel Sun acknowledged students’ contributions which had helped the College to grow into today’s scale. He hoped that students enjoy the four-year full residence and communal dining experiences, and sustain the friendship cultivated in this close-knit community. ‘S.H. Ho College is where we feel home. Remember to come home for dinner. I hope that you keep pursuing your dream and live a life with no regret,’ Master Sun smiled. Upon his invitation for the graduands to come home for high table dinner, they immediately responded with cheer and thundering applause.

After bursting colour crackers on the Central Steps, graduands took photos with College teachers and members including Master and Mrs. Samuel Sun, Prof. Wong Kam-bo, Prof. Dinky Lau, Prof. Victor Lau, Prof. Francis Chan, Prof. Vincent Lee, Prof. Yu Cheuk-man, Prof. Zhou Jianyu, Prof. Katrina Tsang, Prof. Angela Shik, Prof. Simon Ng, Dr. Lawrence Chiu, Mrs. Eva Lo and Mr. Clement Wu. Sharing the joy of the graduands, different participating departments prepared fabulous decorations on the College Lawn and Open Plaza for photo-taking.

Photo Day is not merely about graduands capturing the joyous atmosphere on the eventful day, but a rite of passage of their life journey: from the moments they experienced struggles as freshmen, focused on the quest of knowledge and the unknown, to the stage they grow up as learnt persons and lead an autonomous life.