Visitors Received at S.H. Ho College

S.H. Ho College received delegates from near and far over the autumn. They were introduced the unique collegiate system of CUHK and how SHHO students find a home away from home adopting a fully residential and communal dining basis. Touring around the college campus and the facilities conducive to student development, they gained a personal touch of the vibrant campus life at the College.

Mr. David Ho, CEO of Pacific BMW, and his family member visited S.H. Ho College on 8 October 2015. They learnt about The College’s development in recent years, and how the student programmes and other dimensions like full residence and communal dining tie together to give students all-encompassing ‘home away from home’ experiences. They further discussed the arrangement on inaugural partnership on the College’s Summer Internship Programme in Pacific BMW, located in Los Angeles, United States. It was hoped that students would extend their cross-cultural horizon and acquire vocational experience working abroad.

On 30 October, Mr. Chau Hau Fung, Principle of CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School, led 27 teachers and students to visit S.H. Ho College. They were impressed by Master Samuel Sun’s introduction of CUHK collegiate system and education features of S.H. Ho College. Master Sun further inspired them with a talk on ‘Innovation’ by elaborating the correlation between imagination, creativity and innovation. He summarized his talk with Einstein’s famous quote ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited while Imagination encircles the world. Imagination will take you everywhere.’

After the talk, a few students of the College introduced to visitors the hostel facilities which gave them some ideas about hostel life. Having visited the Arctic Exhibition organized by the College, the secondary school students were fascinated and looked forward to university education. All the visitors went to Connexion to dine with Master Sun. They were much inspired by Master’s rich and fulfilling life, who answered their questions ranging from further studies to vocation in life. Master Sun gave them insightful advice patiently.