Visitations from Near and Far

Over the summer, S.H. Ho College received more than 140 visitors from near and far who were keen on learning CUHK’s unique collegiate system and how the College became a home to students adopting a fully residential and communal dining basis. Touring around the college campus and the facilities conducive to student development, the visitors gained a firsthand view of the vibrant campus life at the College.

Led by Mr. Ho Moon-tim, Principal of Buddhist Sin Tak College, 95 teachers and students of the school visited S.H. Ho College on 2 May. The visitation began with Master Samuel Sun’s welcome remarks, followed by Prof. Victor Lau’s introduction of the College’s features and whole person education philosophy. Afterwards, Vincent Lo (BSSCN student) shared on College Life and Victor Yan (PAC student) presented on College General Education. Immediately after the talk, S.H. Ho College staff led the visitors to visit the college campus and facilities. Not only an in-depth understanding on the campus facilities and students’ college life, they also enjoyed appreciating the artwork in ‘I am Graduate’ Arts and Photo Exhibition and ‘Sublime Tranquility’ Chinese Painting Exhibition organized by the College.

A 26-delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the Consul General of Kazakhstan Mr. Nurzhan Abdymomunov, visited S.H. Ho College on 9 May. Master Samuel Sun presented to them on CUHK’s unique collegiate system and its education philosophy. Touring around the campus gave them an overview on college education and student life. Led by the Head of Analytical Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, the delegation participated in the ‘Asian Educational Training Workshop on Strategic Management in Higher Education: International Trends and Practices’ during 4-10 May with the aim of learning more about the higher education sector in Hong Kong and Singapore, particularly in university governance and structure as well as internationalization strategies.

11 executive members from the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association (Retired Principals Section) visited S.H. Ho College on 13 May. As a newly established college, Master Samuel Sun presented on the College’s whole personal education value exemplified by its full residence and communal dinner, special student development programmes and College General Education Programme. The delegation was fascinated by how the ‘home’ atmosphere was nurtured through different College initiatives. Touring around the college campus to learn about student facilities, they reached the upper level of a student hostel embracing the picturesque landscape of the Tolo Harbour and CUHK Campus. Some visitors recalled their fond memories in their undergraduate studies at CUHK.

On 20 May and 12 June, delegations led by Prof. David Li and Prof. Julian Chang, Master and Associate Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University called on S.H. Ho College to explore the way to run a College successfully. Inspired by the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, Schwarzman Scholars is designed to educate future world leaders about China. The Schwarzman College will house 200 international Schwarzman Scholars, the one-year Master’s Degree program designed to inspire the next generation of global leaders and to facilitate the interaction between Chinese and Western cultures. The delegates met with Master Samuel Sun and college staff to exchange views on collegiate education and college management. Subsequent to the meeting, they toured around the campus to learn about how the college facilities are conducive to student programmes and activities. Like S.H. Ho College, Schwarzman College is an academic and residential college inspired by the residential colleges at Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge.

Dr. HL Ho’s family visited S.H. Ho College on 11 June, and learnt about how the student life-related facilities and other dimensions like full residence and communal dining tie together to give students all-encompassing ‘home away from home’ experiences. The family found it a great experience seeing the well-equipped student hostel and administrative building which were under construction during their last visit to Hong Kong.