Visitations from Near and Far

Visitation from SKH Macau Social Service Coordination Office

From construction of student hostels to having its third batch of graduates, S.H. Ho College has entered its ninth year after assiduous cultivation all along. Adopting a fully residential and communal dining basis, the College has welcomed more than 150 visitors from near and far over this summer. They came to understand CUHK’s unique collegiate system and how the College became 600 students’ home away from home. The visitors were fascinated by their firsthand exposure to the vibrant college life after site-visiting the campus environment and facilities conducive to student development.

On 14 May, the cosy sunbeam showered on the campus of S.H. Ho College. Led by Mr. Ho Moon-tim, Principal of Buddhist Sin Tak College, 70 teachers and students of the school visited our campus. The visitation began with Master Samuel Sun’s welcome remarks, followed by Prof. Victor Lau’s introduction of CUHK’s unique collegiate system and S.H. Ho College’s whole person education philosophy. Afterwards, Brenda Chan (Social Science student) shared her college life with students through elaborating photos of College events like the orientation camp and communal dinner. Immediately after the talk, S.H. Ho College staff led the visitors to visit the college campus and facilities. Not only an in-depth understanding on the campus facilities and students’ college life, they also enjoyed appreciating the artworks in ‘We are Graduands’ Arts and Photo Exhibition organized by the College.  

Led by Dr. Tom Fong, Associate Vice-President (Student Development and Campus Service) of Hang Seng Management College (HSMC), 17 delegates composed of Hall Masters, Associate Hall Masters, Hall Tutors and staff of Student Affairs visited our campus on 3 June. Master Samuel Sun warmly welcomed the delegates and began to share CUHK’s unique collegiate system and S.H. Ho College’s whole person education philosophy. Subsequently, Dr. Tom Fong introduced the design of residential halls and their Hall Life Education Programme. Like S.H. Ho College, HSMC is also a residential college at its germination stage. The delegates were fascinated by Prof. Victor Lau’s experience sharing as a warden in communicating with the College’s Resident Councils and Student Union. After the meeting, the delegates were led by Ms. Ida Law, Senior College Development Officer; and Mr. Brandon Ngai, Resident Tutor, to visit the college campus and facilities during which the delegates were inspired by how residential learning and whole person development are achieved in this home away from home. 

Three delegates from Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University led by Ms. He Wanwen, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, visited S.H. Ho College on 19 June. They embarked on an in-depth discussion with staff of S.H. Ho College on student development affairs. Our college staff introduced to them the origin of collegiate education, development of CUHK collegiate system, position of S.H. Ho College on whole person education, organization of student bodies and activities, and how the College General Education programme helps personal growth and lifelong development of freshers and graduands. Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University is a residential college at its germination stage. The delegates were deeply interested in how S.H. Ho College communicated with its student bodies and their student activities were organized. They also recognized the College’s assiduous effort for nearly a decade in fostering students’ growth through pastoral care at ‘home’ and all kinds of education programmes.

On 28 July, Dr. Robert Henderson, Senior Tutor of Emmanuel College, the University of Cambridge visited the College, and met with Prof. Wong Wing Shing, Chairman of the College’s Student Exchange Committee. The discussion helped to deepen the collaboration between S.H. Ho College and Emmanuel College in student exchange programme. Since 2011, S.H. Ho College has been sending SHHO students to experience academic life and college activities at Cambridge. S.H. Ho College believes that this overseas exposure enables students to develop a global outlook through their intercultural exposure abroad. After the meeting, Dr. Henderson proceeded to Connexion to further the idea exchange on student development with Dr Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the College’s Committee of Overseers; Mrs. Stella Ho; Prof. Fok Tai-fai, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Mr. Hamilton Ho, Member of the College’s Committee of Overseers; Mr. Norman Ho, Trustee of Ho Tim Foundation; Prof. Wong Wing Shing; and Prof. Wong Kam-bo, Dean of Students of the College.  

Arranged by SKH Macau Social Service Coordination Office, a group of 30 secondary school students paid a visit to S.H. Ho College on 21 August. The visitation aimed at promoting exchange between Hong Kong and Macau students in regards to social affairs and lifelong planning. After three SHHO students introduced their college life and learning experience at the University to the Macau students, SKH Macau Social Service Coordination Office subsequently introduced rationale of the scheme ‘Delving together for a Better Tomorrow’. Afterwards, the two groups of students engaged in a fruitful interaction on learning, regional culture and social affairs. To help the youngsters have firsthand understanding of college life, they were toured around the campus to observe student facilities and appreciate the picturesque view of Tolo Harbour on the College Lawn. 

On 24 August, Master Samuel Sun received Dr. Louis Ng, Deputy Director (Culture), Leisure and Cultural Services Department whose major responsibilities include overseeing the delivery of cultural services including the management of museums, public libraries, performance venues, the Hong Kong Film Archive and the Music Office; the promotion and presentation of cultural programmes and heritage preservation; and planning of new cultural facilities. They explored opportunities for further collaboration in cultural programmes and exchanged views on cultural education. Master Sun gave Dr. Ng publications of the College as mementos, namely SHHO’s Review 2006-2014 and Four Seasons at S.H. Ho College. After delivering a presentation on CUHK collegiate education and the unique role of S.H. Ho College, Master Sun brought him around the College campus to give him a glimpse into the life of SHHO students including the residential life and hostel activities. 

34 delegates from Shenzhen University visited S.H. Ho College on 28 August. Exploring the campus facilities under the guidance of a College staff, they learnt the idea of how S.H. Ho College builds a home away from home for its students. After the campus tour, they went to the Theatre of the College to attend a talk on Collegiate Education presented by Mr. Andrew Lau, College Secretary. From the historical background of the Oxbridge collegiate education, the global collegiate universities at a glance, the unique and treasured tradition of CUHK collegiate education to our College on a fully residential and communal dining basis, Mr. Lau illustrated the essence of education enabled by a residential college. ‘A residential college is where students learn together by living together. Education is no longer confined to a training of mind or a preparation for professions, but an all-rounded experience meant to develop their whole-person development,’ said Mr. Lau.

Visitation from Buddhist Sin Tak College

Delegation from Hang Seng Management College

Delegation from Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

Visitation from Emmanuel College, The University of Cambridge

Visitation from Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR

Delegation from Shenzhen University