Turning to a New Page of Flourishing Life

Donned in academic gowns, the third cohort of S.H. Ho College graduates proceeded to the stage one after another to receive their diplomas and college souvenirs from Master Samuel Sun, Overseers Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Mr. Howard Yeung and Mr. Richard Tang. Every graduate’s photo and name were displayed on the screen when Prof. K.B. Wong, Dean of Students of the College, announced each graduate’s name. The College was attentive to every minute detail as we treasure each graduate’s presence and uniqueness. This was 19 November 2015, a day for the graduates of the College to remember. 

Master Sun congratulated all the graduates for their achievements in his welcoming remark. He said, ‘Each of you must be proud and confident of yourself for this achievement after four or more years of time and effort. From now on you will enter another stage of your life journey.’ At the juncture of departing from this home-like community, Master Sun offered graduates three tips: to keep one’s mind at peace, to concentrate and to innovate. To have a peaceful mind, Master invited them to uphold the spirit of humanity, moral principles, and a sense of righteousness, which will bring them peace. Living in an era of information explosion and a society finely specialized, graduates were reminded of concentrating on doing what they are passionate in. As to the quality of innovation, Master said, ‘To meet and overcome the complex challenges down the unknown road, you need new ideas and approaches unleashed by innovativeness.’ He further suggested some ways fostering innovativeness like reframing the question and delving into it for alternative solutions

Ms. Rose Lee, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive, Hang Seng Bank, was the Guest of Honour at the graduation ceremony. ‘The late Dr. S.H. Ho had been dedicated in promoting lifelong learning and tertiary education in Hong Kong, and his legacy still resonates today through the many contributions and philanthropic work of The S.H. Ho Foundation,’ said Ms. Lee. She gave the graduates five keys to a flourishing career: to develop goals with plans, uphold the standard of integrity, to embrace entrepreneurship with hard work and perseverance, to construct a global perspective, and to collaborate with interpersonal skills. ‘To realise your dream, you need to think big in defining goals and start with something small. Hong Kong students are well-placed to adapt to such an evolving society with international and regional outlook. Knowledge-based economy requires multidisciplinary professionals who have ability to team play, so we should be open-minded enough to collaborate and embrace new ideas,’ remarked Ms. Lee.

Having learnt from fruitful teaching by Master Sun and Ms. Lee, all the graduates proceeded to the stage one after another to obtain the College souvenirs and certificates from Master and Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, witnessed by attendees of the ceremony. Afterwards, Miss Joyce Ng presented her valedictorian speech, who received the S.H. Ho College Eminent Scholarship for her outstanding achievements in academic study, personal development and contribution to the life of the College. She reminisced her growth at the College and the Department of Chinese Language and Culture where she was nurtured. She said, ‘Three years is over. Many things have changed, but somehow, something hasn’t. Being a fresh graduate is actually not much difference from a freshman. Learn to be responsible to our lives, but also learn to follow our heart. Therefore, the challenge is still the same: learn to live a responsibly spontaneous life.’

After the ceremony, all the College members and graduates went to the Central Steps for photo taking. They were standing next to the graduates’ plaque, on which their names and their respective faculties have been engraved. Farewell, our graduates! You have turned a new page in your lives. Fly high with your dreams and passion.