The Tough Time Will Not Last Forever


Lily, the College’s hostel worklady, starts her work at 8:00 a.m. every day. Her job duty is diverse. One of the most important duties is finding out what has happened at the hostels last night and immediately inform the College staff if needed. Besides, she is responsible for delivering letters, receiving technicians and following up the matters, responding to students’ enquiries, stationing at the reception counter, etc.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the city severely, the workmen of the College need to measure their body temperature before going to work. Lily follows this rule strictly. In addition, the College has also strengthened measures and equipped itself with essential gears including protective clothing and caps, facemasks, eyeglasses, face shields, air purifiers, automatic dispensers of sanitizer, disinfectants and thermometers. These are to protect the workmen at work. At the same time, the workmen also thoroughly clean and disinfect the hostels and offices. For example, they fill the drains with diluted bleach and regularly disinfect public facilities and floors to keep the environment clean.

Lily shared, “The Colleges cares about us a lot. We were briefed how to protect ourselves during this special period. For example, we were advised to keep a certain social distance, avoid physical touch and wear facemasks. The College Master also gives us a bottle of sanitizer to keep our hands virus free for 24 hours.” What is more, the College sent fruit or food to workmen every two weeks to help them stay healthy. Lily appreciated this kind of communication and support because they help the workmen handle the situation in a more positive way.

For more than two weeks, Lily has kept a calm and cheerful mind at work and in her daily life. She understands that her emotion will affect people around. If she could think positively, her family, relatives and colleagues would be encouraged too. “It is important to share happy story with your colleagues and talk to your children more. I believe the adversity will go away one day, so I would adjust my mood.” Lily said.

Our home is maintained with the invaluable contributions of the workmen.