The 90th Congregation (Conferment of Bachelor’s Degrees)-cum- The 9th S.H. Ho College Graduation Ceremony

The graduates throw their mortar boards into the air to express their joy and satisfaction of completing their undergraduate studies.

The 90th Congregation (Conferment of Bachelor’s Degrees)-cum-The 9th S.H. Ho College Graduation Ceremony was held at Ho Sing Hang Hall on 4 November, 2021. Prof. Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President, presided at the ceremony. The College shared the moments of pride of the 154 graduates in the Class of 2021, with 32 of them receiving First Class Honours, 69 Second Class Honours and 4 Third Class Honours. The remaining 30 MBChB graduates were subject to a different assessment scheme and 9 of them attained the topmost ranking.

Prof. Wong Wing Shing, College Master, congratulated all the graduates on their achievements in his welcome remarks. He also looked back on his time spent at the University. As a researcher, a teacher and a college master, he still finds something new to learn each and every day. We may come across ups and downs on our learning path but we may consider them as opportunities to grow and improves ourselves. Master Wong encouraged College graduates to cultivate our skills in handling errors and treasure the opportunities that promote us to perform better.

Mr. Daniel Mo Cheuk Hei, who received the S.H. Ho College Eminent Scholarship for his outstanding achievements in academic study, personal development and contribution to the life of the College, presented his valedictorian speech. He remarked that graduation is not only a celebratory occasion but also one that allows people to express their gratitude. Firstly, his thanks go to the graduates’ families, their parents in particular, for their unceasing support and care. Next, he would like to express his gratitude to the College. Campus life has been changed by the pandemic since 2019 but the College still strive to provide fruitful activities and timely arrangement to students. Last but not least, the graduates should thank themselves. They have been studying hard acquiring knowledge in their majors and also have been developing in other areas which all shape themselves to be more devoted and trustworthy.

After the ceremony, all the College members and graduates went to the Central Steps for photo taking. They were standing next to the graduates’ plaque on which their names and their respective faculties are engraved. The College wishes the graduates flying high with their dreams and passion.

Prof. Wong Wing Shing, College Master, delivers a welcome speech.

Prof. Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President, presides at the ceremony.

Mr. Daniel Mo Cheuk Hei, the recipient of the S.H. Ho College Eminent Scholarship, presents a valedictorian speech.

The guests and the graduates take a group photograph at the Central Steps.