Tennis Players’ Ceaseless Endeavour towards Excellence

Cheng Ho Chi, Year 3, Journalism and Communication

Twelve tennis enthusiasts of S.H. Ho College, led by Prof. Victor Lau Kwok-chi and Mr. Wu Tat-cheung, participated in a 3-day intensive tennis training camp in Shenzhen in May. The camp took place at East Lake Tennis Center in Shenzhen, a perfect venue for tennis training with gorgeous scenery and high-standard facilities. Most of the participants are active members of the S.H. Ho Tennis Team, with some new players of great potential.

Motivated by the outstanding results in the inter-college tennis competition in 2013-14, the tennis team players were keen to further improve their tennis skills and build up team spirit in order to better equip themselves for the inter-college competition next year. The training was led by experienced coaches, through which the players were able to consolidate their tennis techniques, improve fitness as well as learn some effective strategies to beat the opponents. However, the camp proved to be tougher and more intense than what the players had imagined: the sweltering temperature imposed the biggest challenge on them. Hours and hours of non-stop training under the scorching sun had definitely pushed the players to the limit. But with perseverance, they managed to survive the intensive training.

Hardship notwithstanding, the camp was enjoyable as the players had not only improved their tennis playing skills but also resilience. They have even developed precious friendship in the 3-day training, sharing laughter and sweat together, and making the camp an unforgettable experience. It is delighting to see the new players develop a keen interest in playing tennis which helps to attract more students to join the team.

The intensive tennis training camp has definitely laid a solid foundation for the players and motivated them to further improve their tennis playing skills. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. We hope the S.H. Ho Tennis Team will become stronger this year and continue to strive for the best!