Temperature of Memory

CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day is the largest annual alumni reunion event on campus. Held on 29 November 2014, the event drew close to 5,000 alumni, their families and friends to the campus to recall the good old days. In addition to paying thematic visits to University Gallery, University Library, Art Museum, Chinese Herbal Garden and Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, alumni were immersed in the joyous atmosphere at the University Mall in the fun-filled carnival among which was S.H. Ho College’s game booth. Master Samuel Sun hosted a dinner for the College alumni and their family members at Connexion during which they reminisced about their warm memories.

College life is one of the fondest memories that CUHK alumni recall. S.H. Ho College set up a photo gallery in Connexion displaying the College events which attracted the alumni to recall their pioneering footprints left on campus. Viewing the photos, it seemed as if the alumni entered a time tunnel to reencounter their familiar faces in their valuable College life. Before the dinner commenced, they also enjoyed chatting with some College members on their recent life and development after graduation. The congenial atmosphere of the dinner invoked Theodosia Woo’s treasurable memory, Communal Dining. She found it a natural occasion to engage in mind-boggling conversation with students from diverse disciplines. She hoped that current S.H. Ho students would enjoy and treasure their College life. ‘Try to sit at a different table each time to make more friends and get to know more College members,’ she added.

Wayne Hung, President of the Executive Council of the inaugural Student Union, took part in the dinner despite his busy teaching schedule. Graduated two years ago, camaraderie was his key motivation to come home. ‘College is like my fuel station. Reminiscing the good old days with buddies and conversing with Master remind me of my passion and dream which have been buried by hustle and bustle,’ said Wayne. ‘We are the first cohort of this new College. Without the guideline or traditional activities inherited from previous committees, we could think out of the box and realize some innovative ideas in our student activities. From organizing the Open Day, ‘Forever Legend’ joint college singing contest to SHHO Student Union, I cherish the process when we wholeheartedly contributed to the College as the founding members.’

To sustain the connection with our alumni and provide a mechanism through which the alumni may communicate with and serve the College, S.H. Ho Alumni Association Preparatory Committee has been incepted. The association will also promote fellowship and mutual support among the alumni and their alma mater. The third cohort of students will be graduating this year. The College looks forward to meeting more familiar faces and sharing with them the College’s latest development in the forthcoming special reunion.