Sync with Nature – Wood Carving Workshop

College students showcase their handmade works.

As one of the term-break programmes, Sync with Nature – Wood Carving Workshop was held on 9 July. Eight College students attended the workshop in which they learned how to carve wood, develop aesthetic and live in the present moment. 

“It was indeed a unique experience to witness the magical transformation from a brick of wood to a polar bear, especially through one’s own work and creativity,” said Mr. Wang Jiuming, a Year 3 student majoring in Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence – Systems and Technologies (AISTN). “The first step was to shape the bear’s outline with a saw. Then comes the most time-consuming but interesting part – fine-tuning the bear’s shape with a knife and adding more details like the nose and claws. That was when the sharp edges became smoother, and the bear gradually looked more vivid. Lastly, we got to color those lovely handmade animals.”

As time goes by, we have come to the age of technology and convenience. We seldom have to handmake anything by ourselves now. Jiuming thought the workshop provided him a precious chance to experience handcraft and reignited students’ creativity. He added, “Focusing on carving the wood was a great way to get rid of one’s pressure and tiredness as if they were all stripped away like sawdust. After the workshop, not only was it rewarding to see the outcome of one’s hard work, but it also made one’s mind refreshed.”


Lovely handcraft animals.

Jiuming shapes the wood with a knife.

The instructor teaches the skills of wood carving.