Summer Intensive Tennis Training Camp

Cheng Ho Chi, Student of School of Journalism and Communication

On 23rd May, eight elite members of the S.H. Ho College Tennis Team headed off to Shenzhen East Lake Tennis Centre for a three-day intensive tennis training camp under the guidance of Prof. Victor Lau and Mr. Clement Wu. Last year, the Tennis Team obtained outstanding results in the inter-college tennis competition and organized an intensive tennis training camp in the summer. This year, the Tennis Team continued this fine tradition. With the addition of new members, we joined the training with excitement. 

The East Lake Tennis Centre has great scenery and well-established facilities. Although the weather was not very good during the training, we got the precious opportunity to play on indoor court and clay court. Under the guidance of professional Mainland coaches, we not only corrected our faults and improved our basic skills, but also learned competition tactics and sharpened our mindset as athletes. The intensive training, together with the hot weather and strict coaches, became a tough one to nurture the team mates’ willpower. But all of us did gain a lot. Moreover, our friendship were fostered as we received training together and lived together during the three days.

This intensive training camp has improved our skills and team spirit, and can definitely motivate us to strive for the best in the coming inter-college tennis competition.