‘Sublime Tranquility’ Art Exhibition

An art exhibition entitled ‘Sublime Tranquility’ of Miss Yung Ngai-man, an aspiring Chinese painter, was held from 9 April to 2 May 2014 at S.H. Ho College. More than 40 artwork including paper and porcelain paintings were displayed. Miss Yung is the first Hong Honger who pursued a master degree specialized in flower-and-bird paintings at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Graduated in 2013, her graduation artwork have been collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. With special focus on flowers and birds, her Chinese paintings demonstrate an integration of meticulous and freehand style. Her agile brushstroke and refined taste of colours revitalize the static objects in her paintings. The flowers and birds she illustrated reflect their enjoyment of pleasant serenity and sense of spirituality.

Sketching and Tracing – The Foundation of Chinese Painting
Even with an excellent Fine Arts result obtained in the A-Level examination, Miss Yung still determined to pursue her arts education in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to lay a profound foundation in Chinese painting. She even became the first Hong Honger who pursued a master degree specialized in flower-and-bird paintings at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The two academies Miss Yung attended follow Lingnan painting style and traditional skills, with much focus placed on tracing and sketching. Art education in Hong Kong is comparatively more on self-expression and creativity. She believes a solid understanding on Chinese traditional culture and nature sketching are the prerequisites of superb artwork creation.  On-site sketching is not merely travelling and sightseeing, but an artistic exploration process. She likes country-walk, sketching, photography and recording all the aesthetic encounters. Artists have to accumulate inspirations from in-depth life experiences.

Integration of Spiritual Essence and Form – ‘Sublime Tranquility’
With reference to the Southern Qi painter Xie He’s ‘Six Principles’, Dr. Chui Pui Chee commented on Miss Yung’s flower-and-bird paintings, who is the Programme Coordinator (Art & Design) of School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK. Miss Yung has met Xie’s requirements on ‘skilled brushstroke’ and ‘imitation on prototype’s spirit’ for her solid Chinese painting foundation and delicate object depiction which are accredited to her emphasis on sketching and tracing. The carefree and content goldfish she painted, reflecting abstract philosophical elements, demonstrated ‘spirit resonance’. Miss Yung’s paintings reveal her exquisite feelings towards the reality and her inner world in-depth exploration ‘Yung’s paintings seem to remind city-dwellers of on-going authentic self-exploration so as to be free from constraints from external world. All these contribute to the state of ‘Sublime Tranquility’ which frees oneself from secular temptation,’ said Ms. Lau Ying, Miss Yung’s F.3 Art Teacher and PhD candidate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.                      

Pursue Chinese Painting Dream with Pioneer Spirit
The opening ceremony was held on 9 April at 5 p.m. on G/F of the Hall. Honourable guests officiating the opening ceremony were Ms. Peng Jie, the Director-General of the Department of Publicity, Culture and Sports Affairs of LOCPG; Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President, CUHK; Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers, S.H. Ho College; Prof. Samuel Sun, Master, S.H. Ho College; and Mr. Chan Hey Man, President of the Student Union, S.H. Ho College. Miss Lee Wing Yi, staff of the College, played Guzheng to set off the exquisite painting ceremony with refined Chinese classical music. In Master Samuel Sun’s opening speech, he remarked that S.H. Ho College is a young college which started its admission in 2010. ‘The College is dedicated to whole-person education and encourages students to pursue dreams. Miss Yung started her Chinese painting dream at a young age, and became the first Hong Honger who pursued a master degree specialized in flower-and-bird paintings at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her pioneer spirit and courage to pursue her dream are in line with the College’s education philosophy,’ said Master Sun. 

Connection with CUHK and S.H. Ho College
Miss Yung Ngai-man has deep connection with CUHK. Due to her parents’ work, she always lingered on the university campus in her childhood. CUHK has long been regarded as her home. Whenever Miss Yung and her younger sisters went to exercise at the university stadium or went home, they went past the existing location of Chan Chun Ha Hall, S.H. Ho College. The calligraphy of the College plaque was written by her father, Mr. Yung Ho-yin. This emotional tie gives her a sense of pride and cordiality. To express her gratitude to the College’s invitation, she painted a new collection featuring ‘home’ as a memorable gift.     

Living in a benefit-driven city, few parents will fully support their children to learn art, especially pure art which is less promising economically. Miss Yung, however, has chosen her preferred journey with her parents’ unlimited support. She feels blissfully happy about it. Miss Yung works as a curator at Beijing Yan-Huang Art Museum now. Determined to promote art exchange between Chinese and Hong Kong artists, she welcomes Hong Kong painters to hold exhibitions at Yan-Huang Art Museum.