Step Out of Comfort Zone

Winnie is working on brooch design for a local brand.

Having left the architecture industry two years ago, I am now working as a full-time wire artist.

Back in 2014, I started my wire art brand Winnie the Wire Artist from scratch at S.H. Ho Night. At that time, I immediately felt my passion for it (definitely more than a pastime), but I did not dream of making a living out of wire art. Without any plan, it was a surprise that various renowned brands and companies came to me for my wire art design service. The satisfaction was much greater than working in an architectural firm. It then pushed me to rethink what I really want from my life, and I concluded that I would find out more only if I take risks and jump out of my comfort zone.

There are many struggles to work as a full-time artist, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. On-site events were cancelled and workshops could not be conducted. However, there were also some achievements. I held my first solo exhibition in Central last December, exhibiting over 26 pieces of my works, including a 2-metre-tall tree installation, all crafted by hand. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by various newspapers, radio and TV. The fact that people are interested in my story and what I am doing is really reassuring for me.

Wire art seems to be the right direction so far but definitely not my only possibility. I mean, who knows where I would be in five years? Uncertainty remains. This can sometimes cause stresses; at the same time, I believe it is what makes life interesting. 

Biography of Miss Winnie Tam

A wire artist based in Hong Kong. Graduated from the Bachelor and Master programmes of Architecture, CUHK where she developed her clean, precise design style. Specialized in 3-dimensional line composition, Winnie transforms wire into sculpture, from jewellery to art installation. Using wire as her main medium, she sees the beauty of defining space without being fully enclosed, originating from a line. An alumna from S.H. Ho College.

(Interview conducted by Mr. Ferdinand Tsang, the current Chairperson of S.H. Ho College Alumni Association. Graduated from the Integrated BBA (IBBA) Programme at CUHK in 2017.)

In her first solo exhibition, Winnie creates a 2-meter-tall tree installation.