Shooting for the Stars Distinguished LED Artist Lights up Technology and Art

The forth High Table Dinner of S. H. Ho College in 2016-17 was held on 18 January. Mr. Teddy Lo, a distinguished artist, delivered a speech entitled “Shooting for the Stars – Sharing His Journey of Working in Variety of Local and International Lighting and Art Related Projects”. In his 25-minute speech, Mr. Lo first recalled his growth and studies and then explained how technology and art lighted up his road. At last, he shared how to manage a business of art.

LED technology has been applied widely in daily life but not too many artists put this element into their creation. In the local, mainland and US markets, Mr. Lo is the pioneer to adopt LED art in modern technology with an unconventional accomplishment in the visual, aesthetic and technology field. His work is dazzling and magnificent in various styles and patterns.

Mr. Lo obtained his BA degree in advertising and fine art in USA and Master’s degree in lighting in Australia. The former provided him a solid training and the latter helped him focus on LED operation and related art work. Apart from engaging in design project on culture and public space, Mr. Lo also decorates commercial buildings by light.

During his speech, Mr. Lo showed many photos featuring his ingenious designs. He encouraged S. H. Ho College students to aim high and shoot for the stars. “You will succeed and fail sometimes but it will take you to a place in life unexpected and absolutely interesting and beneficial.” The magician playing light and shadow said a step out of the comfort zone is part of the life journey.