SHHO Alumnus Hung Chun Wai Commended on Teachers’ Day

n the award presentation ceremony of Respect Our Teacher Campaign on 10 September 2015, SHHO alumnus Mr. Hung Chun Wai was awarded a commendation certificate for his outstanding professional teaching performance from Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim, SBS, JP, Secretary for Education, HKSAR. Mr. Hung, graduated in 2013 from Department of Biology, was the President of the Executive Council of the inaugural SHHO Student Union. He played an active role in building the College culture.The Chairman of the Committee on Respect Our Teacher Campaign (CROTC), Mr. Langton Cheung Yung-pong, said that he hoped teachers can continue to shine and demonstrate professionalism in their posts to provide education that is student-oriented and founded on love. As ‘engineers of the human soul”, they will build a better future for the next generation’, he said. 

Speaking at the ceremony, the Secretary for Education, Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim, paid tribute to teachers for their hard work and ceaseless devotion in nurturing students through words and deeds. He encouraged teachers to acquire the latest professional knowledge in teaching for betterment of their professional capacity and quality of teaching. He also mentioned that the Government would strive to allocate resources for providing the necessary support to schools to facilitate teachers’ continuous professional development.

Other officiating guests at the ceremony included the Permanent Secretary for Education, Mrs. Marion Lai Chan Chi-kuen; the Chairman of the Education Commission, Mr. Tim Lui Tim-leung; and the Chairperson of the Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals, Dr. Carrie Willis. S.H. Ho College congratulates Mr. Hung Chun Wai for his achievement. The College also trusts that its alumni have been shining on their arena in society, pursuing professionalism and excellence.