Revisiting the College

Prof. Samuel Sun with blooming blossom.

Prof. Samuel Sun, the College’s Founding Master and Honorary Fellow, retired from the mastership on August 1, 2018. In his first year of retirement, he spent most of his days in reading, writing and advising former students-now professors on management, research and publication. He also caught up with students and colleagues on social media, mapped out plans in later retirement days, and supported his son and his family in various ways.

During last Christmas and New Year period, he visited Hong Kong. He had tea with Prof. Wong Wing Shing, College Master, and walked around the S.H. Ho College campus. During the walk, he was happy to find that in general the College remains physically the one he is familiar with. The new LED screen in Ho Sing Hang Hall impressed him in particular. At the same time, he was saddened by the missing dining tables and chairs and some damaged food service facilities in the hall as a result of the incident in November 2019.

In his entire walk, he only bumped into the College workman, Kong Gor, who was guarding at the hostels’ entrance door. Prof. Sun shared that he “was touched and cheered up, for his (Kong Gor’s) forever faithful service to our College and for his colourful character, a perfect match with our College’s innovative spirit!”

The walk around the College brought back fond memories to Prof. Sun. The sites, structures and objects were deeply associated with the identity, spirit and various activities of the College. He is grateful and proud of the efforts and contributions of the College’s founders, pioneering staff, friends and students through the years.

He has a few warm messages to the College students. In brief, remain true to our College initial aspiration as a home and with love; uphold our College’s culture, traditions and spirt; and study hard to prepare yourself, and strive for financial, emotional and intellectual independence yet remain open-minded.

Prof Samuel Sun (left) with Prof. Wong Wing Shing (right), College Master, at the Central Steps where Photo Day is held every year.

Prof. Samuel Sun (right) appreciates the bright spirit of Kong Gor (left).