Reshaping Life Pattern

The College’s running team emphasizes physical training. The running exercise is good to build up perseverance. The photographs are snapshots taken in a regular training.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, maybe we have experienced an unprecedented change of life. For example, we need to adapt to a new work and study mode, minimize our social life, always wear a mask and wash our hands, clean and disinfect our home every day, get hold of necessary protective items and daily essentials, and follow the news closely for any updates. When the road ahead remains volatile, our emotions and inter-personal relationship may suffer to a certain extent. How could we maintain a healthy life during the pandemic?

“After the semester kicked off, I have started to engage in my studies and regained the focus of my life,” said Michael Cheng Chun Yin, a College student in his sophomore year majoring in Government and Public Administration Programme. “Now the only recreational activity I have is coming back to College twice every week to join Runner Force for training. It is usually arranged on Saturdays and Mondays.”

Christy Liang Xin Ying, another College student in her sophomore year majoring in Journalism and Communication Programme said, “When the class resumes, my life becomes more regular. I could work based on my schedule on that day. Recently, we need to avoid any outdoor activity in order not to waste any mask. In fact, even if we go out, many public places have been closed.” Same as Michael, the running training is an important and only pastime for Christy outside class. 

The College’s running team usually has their weekly training on Mondays. On average, a dozen of students participate in each session. However, the regular training needs cancelling due to the spread of the coronavirus. It is easy to get overwhelmed and anxious if staying home for too long though. The captain of the running team therefore suggested providing another kind of training twice every week. Both mild and intensive level are available. The team members are free to sign up and no attendance is taken.

“Usually we gather at the College’s hostel lobby in the evening. We run outdoors altogether and return in two hours. We left our footprints in different places, such as Sir Philip Haddon-Cave Sports Field, Shatin, Ma On Shan and Taipo,” said Michael. Each week, the number of participants is not fixed, roughly 3-5 people. They would maintain enough social distance and choose a less crowded route. Safety is always their top concern in their exercise.  

Christy and Michael treasure the running opportunity. They are willing to come back to the College for this activity although they do not really live close to the University.  Christy described that she “hopes to have something to look forward to each week knowing what to do in mind” while Michael said he “needs a way to consume physical energy”. Both students encourage their College peers to exercise more for health and mental wellbeing.

When the coronavirus pandemic is over, the students wish to travel for leisure. They have a summer travel plan but it is now on hold. They need to wait for a while, observe the development of the coronavirus, and make their plan later. 

After the interview, the outbreak has worsened a bit. There is an update from the two students. Michael said, “It is beyond our control. More effort is required to minimize outgoing. You know, we need to sit separately even eating out. There is really an infection risk. However, running is still possible for me. I just need to avoid running with too many people and choose a less crowded time to leave home, such as morning run. This is truly the only entertainment for me now. I will stay home for the rest of the time.” Christy said although she could not come to the College for running, she could spend more time with her family and they could chat and play more. “Besides, I have a new hobbit now. I prepare desserts. It is fun to share delicious food with my family.”

When the environment is not favourable, we can still figure out a life pattern and keep ourselves moving forward.