Professor Simon Ng Siu Man’s Lecture on Robotic Surgery Ms. Lin Ching-hsia Appointed as College’s Honorary Fellow

On 21 March, S.H. Ho College held its 6th High Table Dinner in 2017-18 at Ho Sin Hang Hall. Professor Simon Ng Siu Man, Learning Experience – Assistant Dean, Faculty of Medicine; Professor, Department of Surgery; and Fellow of S.H. Ho College of CUHK, was the guest speaker who shared his experiences in ‘Robotic Surgery’. He reviewed the historical developments, impacts, effectiveness and prospects of the technology. Although artificial intelligence will be widely applied in robotic surgery, Professor Ng is confident that the humanity between doctors and patients will never be replaced by robots.

The College also appointed the renowned actress Ms. Lin Ching-hsia to be its Honorary Fellow at the dinner. Professor Samuel Sun Sai-ming, College Master, presented the Certificate of Appointment to Ms. Lin. After that, Ms. Lin delivered a short speech on her inspiring journey in the film industry. She encouraged students to embrace their dreams and chase their goals.