New Milestones in Life

So On (left) and Ada (right) take their pre-wedding picture near the sculpture of Home.

The first cohort of the College graduated in 2012. Until now, the number of alumni of the College has already reached over a thousand. After graduation, some alumni step into different work industries while others decided to further their studies. All are turning a new page in life. The page is not just about work or studies – it is also delighted to know that some alumni have already built up their new families too!

Debby and Patrick, as well as So On and Ada, College alumni, returned to their alma mater to take pre-wedding photographs as the campus is filled with their fond memories.

Debby and Patrick, the 2014 graduates of the College, already got married in 2020. So On and Ada, 2016 and 2018 graduates respectively, are planning to get married this July.

The College is a “home” for students offering a congenial and supportive environment so that they could find a sense of belonging here. Family relationship does not cease after graduation. The College continues to serve as a home away from home for its graduates. Their joy and achievements in each life stage are the College’s most valuable treasure.

Debby (left) and Patrick (right) wear College gowns in their pre-wedding picture.