My Summer Internship at Hang Seng Bank

Last group photo before Yannie's departure

Yannie Mak, Student of Integrated BBA Programme

Hang Seng Bank Limited is one of the largest banks in Hong Kong, and is a principal member of the HSBC Group. The Bank’s major business activities comprise retail banking and wealth management, commercial banking, global banking and markets, and private banking. The Bank also offers a comprehensive range of Renminbi services.

Service Delivery (SD) is a core unit to provide professional and world-class processing services to businesses and functions. The department has nine units, which are performing its functions in a cost-effective, risk-managed and regulations-compliant manner to provide high quality outputs.

Being an intern in Production Management of Service Delivery, I was assigned to assist the introduction of IQMS (Input Quality Monitoring System). I was responsible for information seeking, which is to read through the materials provided regarding the system and raise enquiries for unclear information. I needed to join meetings so to keep track on the progress of the project. During the training stage, my role was to prepare training materials, and help deliver presentations in later stage. To better illustrate the concepts, I designed several demonstrations using flowcharts and tables. Other than that, I participated in the preparation and presentation of Lunch & Learn, an event in which each SD units takes turns to share some interesting topics. We set the theme of the sharing as Nutrition and Sports that delivers information regarding healthy diets and popular sports activities.

During my internship period, I fulfilled my responsibility being an information seeker. I read through all materials provided to capture the maximum amount of information of analysis, and identified mistakes in the resources. I investigated the differences between reports from various departments, and the differences between the manual (user guide) and the exact system usage. I was aware of my progress time to time and raised enquiries whenever I encountered difficulties, which then facilities my work.

Throughout the summer, I developed a better working attitude. I learn to deal with problems myself. Whenever I encounter difficulties or have enquiries on certain issues, I would try to find the solutions myself via Internet or available resources. When I fail to find out the answer, I would then consult other team members and my manager for further assistance. I was able to take up personal responsibility and took ownership of mistakes. I communicated openly, honestly and transparently with other team members, and I am willing to listen to others during discussions. Other than listening, I learnt to share my opinions proactively to contribute, as well as to facilitate the progress of the project. During my participation in the project, I proactively anticipate risks, and seek multiple perspectives and inputs to challenge own views. Thus I am award of risks and able to make practical decisions according to principles.

To conclude my internship, I am pleased and thankful that I have learnt some job-related skills and problem-solving skills through the period. I have the privilege to engage in a project-based task – introduction of IQMS, and help launching the project and introducing to other teams. I would like to spend time on building connections with customers and enhancing my working efficiency by swift decision-makings and proactive risk anticipations.

Lunch gathering to celebrate staff promotion

Happy Hour in Lan Kwai Fong (Farewell party for Yannie)

Replenishment in Wellcome during lunch breaks