Mr. Clement Wu Tat-cheung Appointed as Warden of Lee Quo Wei Hall

Dr. Lawrence Chiu has retired from the wardenship of Lee Quo Wei Hall. Mr. Clement Wu Tat-cheung, Physical Education Unit, has been appointed as the warden of Lee Quo Wei Hall from June 2021.

Mr. Clement Wu is experienced in sports fields. Apart from teaching related subjects, such as swimming, table tennis, volleyball, softball, and physical conditioning at the University, he is also the coach on CUHK Men’s Swimming Team, and the coordinator of the water polo and fencing team. Besides, he has been supervising sports activities and organising sports teams at S.H. Ho College.

For Mr. Wu, mutual communication is the basics of interpersonal relationship. He said, ‘“Communication” is always two-way. It could not be communication at all if teachers just keep lecturing. To build up “mutual communication”, one should have the other’s trust in the first place. Trust is the cornerstone of “communication”. An “ideal hostel” should include all kinds of objective conditions, for example, the hardware and software parts. These have been made possible by the concerted effort of all resident wardens, staff members and students. However, the most important of all is to let students affiliated to the College develop a feeling of living in “a small place of their own”. This is signified by the gigantic home sculpture at the lawn. The feeling of living in “a small place of their own” will bring about a sense of belonging. It will motivate us to treasure this place and this home. College students, coming from everywhere in the world, reflect unique personality and show different cultural backgrounds. I hope when we meet, we will nod to one another, say hello and have a chat. When we are willing to communicate, we will gradually consolidate the software parts of our hostels and keep brightening our home together.”