Literati Converge at Connexion

Connexion, signifying a place where literati converge, is named by Prof. Vincent Lee, Director of School of Pharmacy and Fellow of S.H. Ho College. Aspiring to be a hub of scholars and innovative ideas, the College’s new staff common room Connexion opened on 10 March 2014 to serve the staff members of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and senior year students of the College, offering fine Cantonese cuisine.

Humanistic design offers space for dialogue
The design concept of Connexion originated from Chinese traditional study room, with humanistic atmosphere penetrating every corner of the common room. Warm and simple colours are adopted in interior design and restaurant furniture. The wood pattern on walls conveys a sense of simplicity. Enjoying the Cantonese gourmet and listening to soft background music help diners naturally exchange inspiring views, expand their horizons and taste the essence of life.

Chinese courtyard stone implying College foundation
Entering the staff common room, diners will encounter a courtyard stone surrounded by plant pots. There is an intriguing story behind the stone. The location of Connexion is originally an unfrequented patio where a huge granite stone is situated.  The granite is, in fact, part of the site foundation of the College during construction, symbolizing the “Founding Stone of S.H. Ho College”. In view of the significant symbolic meaning, the architect chose to preserve the original view of the granite and placed it in a prominent area of the staff common room. The humanistic common room is hence merged with the natural landscape. 

Opening ceremony celebrated the College’s milestone
S.H. Ho College formally opened Connexion at 2pm on 17 March 2014 with a remarkable ribbon-cutting ceremony, jointly supported by Master Samuel Sun, College members (Prof. Wong Kam-bo, Prof. Dinky Lau, Prof. Heng Pheng-ann, Prof. Vincent Lee, Prof. Albert Leung, Prof. Wong Wing Shing, Prof. Zhou Jian-yu, Prof. Victor Lau, Prof. Kwan Kin-ming and Mr. Billy Tam) and student representatives (Regina Tse and Yuen Hong-wing). The metal signage of Connexion appeared when Master Sun, Prof. Wong Kam-bo and student representatives unveiled the red curtain. A wave of applause from the ceremony attendees followed, celebrating the milestone of the College.

The common room which accommodates 50 diners is open from Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please call 29943213 for table reservations.