Lasting Memory of the SHHOW

The creative blended word ‘SHHOW’ which combines ‘SHHO’ and is a talent show organized by students under S.H. Ho College’s support. Held in the evening of 17 November 2015, the SHHOW is a pageant showcasing students’ talent and creativity, with the tradition of celebrating College’s birthday. The event in 2015 was themed ‘SHHOW Lasting (衡玖不息)’, from which its Cantonese syllables imply the College’s 9th year anniversary. Student organizers deliberately printed a diamond image on the backdrop to convey their wish of witnessing the long lasting legacy left by the College.

The audience enjoyed 17 performances comprising singing, instrument, band, drama, sand painting, martial arts, dancing and magic show, which were shortlisted after an audition. As the Paris terrorist attacks happened a few days before the SHHOW, the sand painter tried to express a common wish of cultural inclusiveness and world peace by illustrating different metropolis landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Great Wall in China as well as the College’s ‘home’ sculpture and the theme of the SHHOW. The skillful sand painting technique and the beauty of the images aroused audience’s emotional appeal to embrace peace and love.  

The appearance of Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, and Mr. Hins Cheung, a Cantonese pop song singer, brought the pageant to its climax. They received thundering applauses after an interactive speech delivered by Prof. Sung and the singing performance of Full of Youthful Vigour and Under the Cherry Blossoms by Mr. Hins Cheung. Prof. Sung presented his Chinese Calligraphy ‘Sounds of Heaven’ to Mr. Cheung as a token of appreciation. The annual talent show came to an end, but the melody and enchantment memories linger.