Joy Shared Among the Diners

‘Music is far-reaching, helping to draw people closer to one another. I hope that all of you enjoy the musical enchantment at the SHHO Medical Society Annual Dinner tonight. Let music break the barrier between teachers and students. Let’s sing to connect with one another,’ said Prof. Kai-ming Chan. The theme of the dinner was ‘Unity’. Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers of the College, introduced to the audience the song list and its encouraging lyrics. He said, ‘S.H. Ho College is a big family. It is hoped that you experience support at home. Dedicate yourselves to be beautiful dreamers. As long as you dream on and innovate, you can one day launch innovative medicine which would give tremendous help to the general public.’

The College’s Third Medical Society Annual Dinner was held on 21 March 2016. The dinner was graced by the presence of Prof. Francis Chan, Dean of Medicine; Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers, S.H. Ho College; Prof. Samuel Sun, Master of S.H. Ho College; as well as teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine. As the new president of the Medical Society, Anson Yee reported to the diners the contributions of the society on promoting healthy lifestyle, fostering intellectual exchange among medical students and nurturing peer support in the big family. In 2013, the society was officially launched and Dr. Tzu-leung Ho passed the skeleton, a symbol of dedication to caring patients, to the first president Elbert Lee. In the same location, Zoe Wong, the second president, passed the same skeleton to Anson Yee. It symbolises the heart of doctoring, which has been much treasured by SHHO medical students, is being ignited within the close-knit community.

‘The SHHO Medical Society Annual Dinner brings us together. It reminds us of the importance of mutual support in the medical profession. We will strive for our best through teamwork to reinforce the spirit of this college. Every time when I return to S.H. Ho College, I always feel like coming home. As lifelong partners of the College, please continue to contribute to your home after graduation in tribute to Dr and Mrs. Ho’s unwavering support,’ remarked Prof. Chan. Having finished his speech, he took his saxophone and joined the music band——Dr. Tzu-leung Ho (pianist), Prof. Francis Chan (saxophonist), Prof. Thomas Leung (flutist) and Prof. Kai-ming Chan(vocalist)——to share musical enchantment with the audience.

Medical student representatives of the College came onto the stage after the teachers’ performance. Some students shared their thoughts as freshers before their performance, ‘If you walk alone on the road of medical pursuit, you can walk fast. But if you walk in groups, you can walk for a longer distance.’ They sang Bruno Mars’ ‘Count on Me’ and Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’, which illustrated the support of companions would cultivate their perseverance. In addition, they sang Alfred Hui’s ‘Ode to Youthfulness’ to express their common wish to pursue the ideal life with their peers. When all the performances came to an end, Master Samuel Sun delivered his closing speech. He mentioned that medical students’ future career would be most directly related to ‘life and death’ of the general public. He further encouraged the students to equip themselves, and to encounter all kinds of challenges with their driving force and courage.