Inspiring Young Minds in a Home-like College

We take a great pleasure in bringing you the College’s publication Inspiring Young Minds in a Home-like College—SHHO’s Review 2006-2014. The Review chronicles the history of its founding from conceptualization to the graduation of its first intake and other accomplishments.

Sustaining the growth of the College over the years is akin to nurturing a sapling. Proper care, tending and nourishment were needed to strengthen the College’s foundations which would not be possible without the collective effort of our benefactors, founders, friends, college members and students. As the sapling continues to grow, the home-like College has developed tree-like strength, anchored firmly in the collegiate system of the University, ‘full residence and communal dining’ culture, whole-person education and the spirit of camaraderie.

Education is the pillar of success. It is hoped that we will join heart and hand to perpetuate the sustenance of quality education for the betterment of tertiary education and a brighter future.