First Encounter with CUHK

Five F.5 students from CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School met with Master Samuel Sun for breakfast in Ho Sin Hang Hall at the College on 24 April. They were much inspired by Master Sun’s rich and fulfilling life, who answered their questions ranging from further studies, the attitude of academic pursuit to vocation in life. Master Sun gave them insightful advice patiently. The breakfast gathering was jointly organized by CUHK Alumni Affairs Office and CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School in a bid to extend students’ horizon through communicating with senior professors at breakfast, and encourage them to set life goals such as pursuing their tertiary education at CUHK. The scheme is therefore named as ‘First Encounter with CUHK’.

The participating students have taken Biology as their elective subject. They learnt about Master Sun’s major research area and achievements in advance so as to ask him in-depth questions in person. Topics discussed covered Master’s aspiration as a scientist, his know-how to learn, and global food security issues. One of the students asked, ‘Master, you’re the first scientist who succeeded in duplicating plant genomes. What’s your know-how of reaching success? You believe that biotechnology can help secure food supply globally. What makes you persist in this belief?’ Master humbly replied, ‘The pursuit of innovation is my driving force in scientific research. No matter what kind of research we have been dedicating in, we should prioritize offering help to those in need.’ Born in the second Sino-Japanese War period, Master Sun profoundly knows the pain originated from hunger. As plants contribute significantly to food supply, he majored in Botany and has been improving the genes of rice and soya to raise their quality and quantity. It is hoped that the increased food supply will feed the growing population in mainland China. 

Master Sun encouraged the students to cultivate their imagination and sensitivity to observe from multi-perspectives. They were asked to be aware of the social issues as many problems in society are unresolved. Our willingness to serve will drive us to observe the needy and unleash our potential to create innovative solutions. The students were eager to the life at the university, so Master Sun and the College staff introduced to them the hostel facilities which gave them some ideas about hostel life. They were fascinated about their first encounter. Two weeks later, students sent Master Sun their gratitude cards in appreciation to the eye-opening opportunity.