Exploring the Arctic

A group of 17 students and 5 staff of S.H. Ho College embarked on their 12-day expedition to the Arctic on 10 May. They are the first team of undergraduates in Hong Kong to venture the Arctic Expedition. Advised by Dr. Rebecca Lee, founder of the China Polar Museum Foundation, the visit took students to the west coast of Greenland to understand the ecology, climate, geography and Paleo-Eskimo cultures there. Upon their return, they will present to society their findings in the expedition to raise public awareness of environmental care.

In the tutorial on 21 April, Dr. Lee briefed participants the background information of the Arctic based on her expedition experience. As a polar explorer who has been capturing life in harsh conditions with her camera and dedicating in community education about environmental protection, Dr. Lee pinpointed the pressing problem of global warming and aroused their concern about the environment. She reiterated the importance of Arctic research as we are part of the community inhabiting in the northern hemisphere. She also expressed appreciation to the young explorers their open-mindedness in discovering the world.

The young polar explorers from diverse academic disciplines have returned to Hong Kong and will be summarizing their exploratory journey. They will produce findings through doing research or to taking an active part in the editorial team. Let’s stay tuned to their first-hand experience of the world’s last pristine and coldest continent.

the expedition vessel

taken in the tutorial on 21 April

Bon Voyage, our young polar explorers! (taken on 10 May)