Exchange Student from France

Raphael, an exchange student from France, is interested to explore everything about Hong Kong.

S.H. Ho College is a big family to 600 students. Some of them are incoming exchange students, staying at the University for one term or one academic year. Are you interested to know what their campus life is like? In this issue, we have talked to a College exchange student, Mr. Raphael Paradiso, who comes from France.

Raphael is a year-three student majoring in Economics at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University in the 2019-2020 academic year. He chose to study at CUHK as an exchange student for one year because it is a well-ranked University for economics and he was curious about the campus life and the learning atmosphere at the University. When asked why S.H. Ho College, Raphael shared that he was attracted by the communal dining and high table dinners. On these occasions, he hoped to meet different kinds of people. Raphael enjoyed his College life since the College has a unique culture as a home, which stands out itself from other communities.

For many years, Raphael’s impression on Hong Kong was mainly about modern skyscrapers, local movies and its specific political and economic status. However, when he came here in person and had a taste of real life, he found that Hong Kong is much more colourful. It is not just skyscrapers and international trades. For example, there are a lot of hiking tracks, beautiful beaches and some good spots for surfing. The city offers diverse options for various people to choose from.

Hong Kong is a famous food paradise, full of delicious street food and restaurants, ranging from cheap eats to Michelin-starred ones. Raphael did not miss the chance to try Hong Kong dishes. Among all the choices, Raphael’s favourite is Siu Mei. His loved to order pork ribs with some red sausages accompanied by a fresh ice lemon tea. He also recommended other local food, like snake soup, fried rice and dim sum.

At the end of our chat, Raphael said, “I would recommend other exchange students to come to S.H. Ho College for sure. I would just recommend them to be relaxed. Everything is well-planned by the staff members and local students are always happy to help you.”

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong is set against a backdrop of dazzling night scene. Raphael takes this photograph during his stay in Hong Kong.

Snake soup is one of the most popular traditional food in Hong Kong during autumn and winter. Raphael loves it very much!