Establishment-cum-Inauguration Ceremony of SHHO Alumni Association

On 27 August, S.H. Ho College was filled with the joyous and festive spirit of its home-coming alumni. Supportive and passionate SHHO alumni of years 2013 to 2016 came back to the College that Saturday to meet old friends and gather for a great purpose: to witness the Establishment-cum-Inauguration Ceremony of the S.H. Ho College Alumni Association (SHHAA). Members of the University, representatives of other CUHK alumni associations and the College staff joined in their excitement.

Prof. Samuel Sun, Master of S.H. Ho College; Mr. Daniel Cheng, Director of Alumni Affairs Office; Mr. Lee Kim Hung, a representative of the Federation of Alumni Associations; Miss Hidy Yan, a representative of the SHHAA Preparatory Committee; and Miss Eva Hong, Chairperson of the SHHAA, officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. After the ribbon-cutting, the SHHAA’s first Executive Committee members were sworn in, promising to uphold the Objectives and Articles of the association. 

The SHHAA was established to promote the College’s alumni fellowship so as to carry on the mission of the College, namely, to excel in culture, morals, devotion and trustworthiness. The preparation work for setting up the SHHAA actually started in June 2014, with the Preparatory Committee conducting the company registration, public consultation and recruitment of first Executive Committee members for the association.

Master Sun said, ‘An alumni association assumes various roles and duties which can be classified into two broad types. First, it serves as a platform for uniting alumni, promoting their fellowship and career development, so that they make contributions to the society. Second, it is a platform for connecting alumni with their college, upholding and strengthening their sense of belonging and support for the college and its undergraduates, so that alumni can contribute to the college’s development. S.H. Ho College’s educational philosophy is to provide a caring, home-like environment for students to study. I hope this philosophy can be extended to our alumni, and that returning to the College is genuinely a home-coming experience to them.’

Miss Eva Hong said, ‘As an alumnus of S.H. Ho College, I earnestly hope we can maintain our connection with this “home” through the platform of the SHHAA, so that we can make further contributions to the College and the University as we gradually develop our career in the society.’

Upon its establishment, the SHHAA will undertake the mission to recruit the first cohort of members and build a concrete foundation for further development, to build an enabling platform for alumni networking and career development, and to connect alumni with S.H. Ho College and its undergraduate students. In the new academic year 2016–17, the SHHAA will launch an array of activities to enhance the cohesion among members and attract new members. These activities include the Home-coming for Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner in November 2016, a new year celebration with cocktail reception and a career talk, setting up a photo booth on the Graduation Photo Day for membership recruitment, and a boat trip in the summer of 2017.

‘Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni,’ N.R. Narayana Murthy once remarked. With the efforts of its Executive Committee and other members, we hope the SHHAA will establish a solid foundation and grow robustly under the support of the University and the College, so as to make a positive contribution to SHHO alumni and undergraduates, the University and the College.

Members of the SHHAA’s first Executive Committee:
Chairperson:   Ms. Eva Qiting Hong
Vice-Chairpersons:  Mr. Jackin Tsz Kwan Chang, Mr. Peter Ka Hung Chan
Secretaries:   Ms. Cherry Cheuk Yee Chin, Ms. Theodosia Woo
Treasurers:   Ms. Zora Cheuk Nga Ho, Mr. Kenneth Shing Kit Ko
Committee Members:  Mr. Jason Kin Sau Ho, Mr. Kelvin Tsz Kit Chan, Mr. Jason Lok Sum Poon