Delegates Received at S.H. Ho College

S.H. Ho College received delegates from near and far over the autumn. They were introduced the unique collegiate system of CUHK and how SHHO students find a home away from home adopting a fully residential and communal dining basis. Touring around the college campus and the facilities conducive to student development, they gained a personal touch of the vibrant campus life at the College.

A delegation led by Dame Fiona Reynolds, Master of Emmanuel College, visited S.H. Ho College on 11 September 2014 to exchange views on collegiate education and exchange programmes. They met with Dr. and Mrs. Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers of the College; Master Samuel Sun; Prof. Wong Kam-bo, Dean of Students of the College; Prof. Wong Wing Shing, Chairman of the Student Exchange Committee of the College; and Prof. Kwan Kin-ming, Chairman of S.H. Ho College Scholarships, Awards, Financial Aids and Grants Committee.  Following Master Sun’s introduction of SHHO’s unique culture and education philosophy of the College, the delegates learnt about several key initiatives of the College including the College General Education Programme, the overview of SHHO student participation in exchange programmes, and how students are benefited from the scholarship awards and bursaries offered by the College. SHHO exchange students Lloyd Meng, Theodosia Woo and Wennie Kang who returned from Emmanuel College attended the session to share their vibrant overseas exposure with the delegates, and introduced to them the student-oriented College facilities. 

On 22 September 2014, six delegates led by Prof. Liu Mingkang, Honorary Dean of Lingnan College and also Honorary Fellow of S.H. Ho College; and Prof. Xu Xinzhong, Dean of Lingnan College paid a visit to S.H. Ho College to widen their perspectives on collegiate education, mentorship programme and service-learning programmes through discussion with Master Samuel Sun, and Dr. Andrew Yuen, Associate Dean of General Education of the College. The delegates were fascinated by how S.H. Ho College built a congenial learning atmosphere through the college facilities and programmes conducive to students’ whole person development. Aspiring to be a leading business school with international recognition, Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University has been dedicated to developing Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Business Management in higher education.

A delegation comprising 13 students and two teachers from Keqing College, Fudan University visited S.H. Ho College on 7 November 2014. Four Student Union members of our College received the delegates with hospitality. Chan Hey Man, President of the College’s Student Union, introduced to the delegates the role and operation of the Student Union. Afterwards, the students of the two colleges then discussed the student activities, College culture formation, framework of student organizations and student autonomy issues. Our student representatives introduced the hostel facilities to the delegates after the discussion. During the campus tour, the delegates were fascinated by the annual Logos Fest which is an exhibition displaying our College freshers’ Logos Production (心聲習作) in College General Education Induction Course— GESH1010 Orientation and Outreach. This annual exhibition held in Chan Chun Ha Hall is a scripted articulation of their reflection in response to their dream, college life and expectation towards the University life.