College’s Online Channel: Connects

Since the beginning of the year, the situation of COVID-19 has been changing all the time. According to the guidelines of the government and the University, the College has minimized social gatherings and activities except those needed to maintain necessary operation of the College. Although no one can control the environment, and many students have left the campus and hostels, the relationship of all members in our community can be kept in other ways.

Connects is a pilot programme of the College, with an attempt to think outside the box – fun activities can go online too! Launched in late June, this digital channel roll out more than 30 video clips, divided into five domains, namely Orientation, Talks, Exercises, Wellness and Chill Life. Hosted by College teachers, students, staff members and alumni, the videos are filmed in a refreshing way echoing the five domains. They are released on the College’s social media, serving the community both inside and outside the College. No matter where you are and when it is, we can connect with one another if we have access to computers and smartphones.

Prof. Wong Wing Shing, College Master, appears in the first video of the programme. He says, “Through Connects, we hope to reach out to everyone in the College, and eventually to people outside.  Our goal is to allow friends from different cultures and backgrounds to interact and learn from each other so that we can make our lives more colorful and meaningful.”

Even there is an outbreak of the COVID-19, we still hope to spread positive messages and bring you an extraordinary College experience. We look forward to meeting everyone soon at our home.

Links to the videos on Connects: